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For mere entertainment purposes (tongue firmly in cheek), I shall offer a parody of The Python’s parody:

The Skeptics Song, as sung by the Philosphy faculty of the University of South Bayonne:

Slavo Zizek writes nothing but dreck, and swears an oath to Stalin
Pull the shards of glass out of Derrida’s ass, deconstruction’s just appallin’
Iragary’s Loose in her mental caboose, ’cause Physics has no gender
I just go snoozer at Gilles DeLoser, who throws words in a blender

And what could be more pure, than the bullshit of Latour?
(Well maybe Judith Butler’s spouted even more manure!)

Sokal knows Lyotard’s got no clothes, and naked’s his condition.
Jean Baudrillard is just a ‘tard, devoid of all cognition.
We won’t get drawn into Jacque’s LaCON, take your mirror stage out of town.
Michel Foucoult? Unh-uh Hell No! He’s just a poofter clown!

And then there’s Judith Butler who’s the pomo rage du jour
A perky little tomboy, but a poser to be sure!